Advanced Security Solutions USA is a logistical support company for Security Guard Providers, Instructors, and Training Academies.

Advanced Security Solutions USA develops training programs and courses for Training Academies and their Instructors nationwide; we also train Instructors and Academies how to teach and operate on their own. Our courses and certificates are recognized nationally (wherever security training is accepted). We are not a product manufacturer of police or security equipment; we do not sell those types of items – this enables us to be fair and impartial when covering both the strong and weak points of any type of product or use in our courses that we teach. 

Finally, courses and Instructor certifications under one roof…  Gone are the days of traveling to several different training events , usually all given in different parts of the country and having to piece together training courses from five different programs. 

 Advanced solutions

Advanced Security Solutions USA understands that being a great security Instructor does not always mean you are great at, nor have the time to create full-blown training programs along with maintaining the logistics that go along with it. Advanced Security Solutions USA, a division of Advanced Solutions USA, has created, tested and provided all the programs and logistical support you need as a Security Instructor with a universal and flexible program. 

We by far did not invent security training, nor did any current product manufacturer – we just perfected the logistical support and process for Instructors and those that provide Security Training. 

If you have experienced the following with other training programs- then contact us:

  • Attended several different courses at several different locations in an effort to piece together an entire training program
  • Received Lack of Support from Training Headquarters or Program Directors
  • Faced Instructor courses that were too costly or too far away to attend
  • Tried contacting Training Headquarters but met with the inability to reach customer support
  • Did not receive training aids and/or materials in a timely fashion
  • Charged extra for Instructor books and materials that should have been included
  • Received outdated training material
  • Forced or “Highly Encouraged” to sell, market, or advertise manufacturer products
  • Received poor quality certificates to pass on to your students, or none at all
  • Dealt with student or Instructor fees that consistently increase

Our programs were made with you in mind; we fully understand the logistical needs and pain of all Security Instructors which often, are not supported and do not have the budget that law enforcement agencies do.

We Completely Aid Each Program and Instructor with:

Workbooks, Power Point Presentations, Wall Certificates, Pocket Cards, Enrollment Forms, Waivers, Instructor courses, and Retraining, Ongoing Support as needed while you run your program and business.  

Our programs are easy to understand, Nationally-recognized by security providers, put together by industry experts, and will raise the level of professionalism at your business while providing you with a well-run, proficient training program. 

Come join this fast growing industry and help us provide great quality instruction to the private security sector and its members.  Sign up with a program that’s here to truly support the instructors and their entire training program and not just one product.   

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