About Us

Advanced Security Solutions USA is not a Security Guard Provider or Training Academy in any way, shape or form. Advanced Security Solutions USA develops training programs and courses nationwide for Training Academies and their Instructors to educate and enable them to in turn teach and operate on their own. We are just like any “product manufacturer developed” training program but better, as we offer a fully-supported line of universal courses while not pushing the sale of any equipment or products or restricting our Instructors from teaching other products or programs at the same time.

All courses meet or exceed state, national or manufacturer developed standards, and have been created, tested and approved by our local ASSUSA Training Counsel. Many In-house Trainers and Security Training Academies have been running our programs for years.

Advanced Security Solutions USA offers no training to “end-users;” we only certify Instructors of our programs and provide training material for them to teach and use. Our programs are not to take the place of any state required training, certification, or licensing at anytime that may be required by your state or regulating authority (the same statement all product/manufacturer-driven training must also make). Our sole purpose is to fill in the gap where official classes by the state either do not exist, do not provide enough information, or other manufacturer-driven programs are either not available or too costly or restrictive for today’s Security Instructors.

Many popular manufacturer/product-driven training programs has been around for years and accepted by every state as far as Handcuffs, Baton, CEW, and Pepper Spray; all with different names and techniques… this is no different, and our programs are accepted everywhere that security training is accepted.

We developed this program not to compete with product manufacturers but to make training more available, obtainable, and affordable to security/private Instructors who don’t have a law enforcement budget nor the time to travel to several different training events across the country to get all their certifications. Our programs are meant to provide Certified Instructors, Training Academies and In-house Security Departments with additional avenues, tools, and methods of training while logistically supporting those that run our multi-course programs.

“I thought big name, manufacturer-driven training is better?”

Not only do we have police, military and Instructor backgrounds running or using “big name” products, we provide safe universal instruction on all types of products; again, police equipment manufacturers did not invent training and cannot monopolize it. There are no secrets that they are teaching in their “big name” courses; most of us that have been through all the big named product manufacturer-driven training courses find it is all the same stuff (or very similar with little changes from one year to another – or one program to another).

Let’s be honest here:

How many different ways can you teach someone to use Pepper Spray, Handcuffs, or a Baton? Large, big named product manufacturer-driven programs will of course say “We are well-known and will protect you in court.” That being said, when you attend most big manufacturer-driven training events, the 1st thing most of them will have you do is to sign some type of masked “Complete Hold Harmless Agreement” and indemnify them which protects them from you regarding any lawsuits even from product defects which they themselves make or caused. They  then will charge you to attend your court proceeding at an astronomical amount to come testify on the “product’s defense,” not yours. Make no mistake about it, their #1 concern is damage control to their product line and not your security school.

Keep in mind you can hire a subject matter expert locally at anytime who has product knowledge and will have the same results in court so don’t allow them to make you believe “they” are the only choice for training or your civil protection in any claim against you – not true.

That being said, we do not have you sign waivers to protect the product manufactures against liabilities that they should be responsible for. Now how do you feel about the Big Brand name manufacturer-driven training programs? Exactly.

Big is not always better; you deserve a training program that provides a level of support available to you when you face uncertainty, need clarity or just have questions. Get started on your training today; enroll in our next program now!