Become a Certified Instructor or Certified Training Facility using Our Programs and Instructor gear2Support.  

Whether you are an “In-house” Trainer at your agency or work for a Training Academy, we can get you trained and certified through our established programs so that you can train and certify others.

Advanced Security Solutions USA provides “tried and true” courses developed and approved for your industry… and they are easy to understand, follow, and train others. Our courses are in use right now with several Training Academies and Security Agencies which look for very informative, complete and nationally recognized courses to teach their students.



After attending our Instructor courses, you will be able to instruct students, and certify them through our program. We not only teach you about the course material, but we also teach you how to instruct a class properly, as well as manage your students and business correctly. We fully support our Instructors through already developed handouts, Power Point presentations, workbooks, forms, course certificates, and pocket cards to give to your students. This is almost a “turnkey” business in itself without all the headaches , extra fees, and lack of support found in some other programs. Instead of this being put together by product manufactures, it was put together by instructors, law enforcement, and security experts- thus cutting out the product sales and time fillers found in other programs. We also provide yearly updates to all of our courses, to include workshops and seminars to help improve your business and/or training process.

Every Security Provider should have an In-house Trainer and every training school must have certified Instructors… So What Are You Waiting For? 

Advanced Security Solutions USA hosts at least 2-3 Instructor training events per year in different cities in Texas. These courses are all prepaid and booked in advance and usually given over a three-day weekend – you can sign up to take all of them or just one or two. You will be given training on how to be an Instructor and then the program guidelines, methods and procedures. You will be required to pass our written and practical application tests given, and unlike some programs, we will not just hand out “Instructor credentials” just because you paid to attend. One of many strong points is our Instructor vetting, testing, training and protocols which establishes a system of high standards, check and balances, transparency, and requirements – not seen or done by many well-known training programs to date.

Come join this fast growing industry and help us provide great quality instruction to the private security sector and its members.  Sign up with a program that’s here to truly support the instructors and their entire training program and not just one product.   

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Become a certified instructor and/or certified training center.Advanced approved instructor course