We have listened to the complaints and concerns of many professional trainers that use different programs and designed courses that address those issues for you as an Instructor.

We fully support each program and Instructor with Workbooks, Power Point Presentations, Wall Certificates, Pocket Cards, Enrollment Forms, Waivers, etc. Our programs are easy to understand, Nationally-recognized by Security Providers, put together by industry experts, and will raise the level of professionalism at your location while providing you with a well-run proficient training program.

All courses meet or exceed state and national standards, and have been developed and approved by our local ASSUSA Training Counsel.

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  • Pepper Spray –  Instructor 
  • Baton  – Instructor 
  • First Aid/CPR/AED – Instructor 
  • ​Conductive Energy Weapon (CEW) – Instructor 
  • Handcuffing – Instructor 
  • Firearms Training program

Finally, courses and Instructor certifications under one roof…  Gone are the days of piecing together a course here and a course there! 


If You Don’t Want To Run The Risk Of:

  • Receiving outdated training material
  • Receiving poorly made certificates or pocket cards
  • Being forced to provide/purchase additional training materials for every class you Instruct
  • Not being provided enough assistance after certification
  • Being met with restrictive policies and waivers of the program
  • Purchasing programs chock-full of fillers instead of practical application

Then, Advanced Security Solutions USA will step in and ensure that you don’t experience the above! Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best level of training along with customer support to help assist you in maximizing your fullest potential as an Instructor or Training Institution.


Why waste time trying to piece together your training program when you can get all your training, materials and support right here, right now? Call on a service that’s here to provide you with ongoing support and training suitable for your needs!


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